Caffeine Danger

The dangers of Caffeine are not widely known to the general population. Many believe that if it is legalized, it must be safe. Unfortunately this couldn't be farther from the truth! Research has shown us that many health conditions are either caused or worsened by caffeine intake. The sad truth is that many of these conditions are not readily connected to their cause (caffeine) because the effects occur later in life after years and years of abuse of the drug.

Click below to watch a video that tells you the truth about the Danger of Caffeine.

Presented by Martin Klein, RN, BSN, Health Educator at Klondike Mountain Health Retreat. Klondike Mountain Health Retreat.

Learn even more with another DVD lecture presented by Martin Klein, Toxic Gourmet. In this video you will have the history and basic understanding of excitotoxins and their effect on humans. Click Here to view this video for free online.

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