Excitotoxins- An Online Video

Have you ever wondered what excitotoxins were? Have you wondered what all the fuss is about? Here is a video that simply and scientifically presents what excitotoxins are. The video contains common sense principles, case studies, and shows how our body responds to excitotoxins. The 40 minutes you spend listening to this lecture is a powerful investment to your health.

If you are:
A parent who is interested in giving good nutrition to your child
A health care provider who gives nutritional advice
A caregiver for a parent suffering from an autoimmune, inflammatory or neurologic disease,
this video will give you the information you need to make choices to better your health.

Presented by Martin Klein, RN, BSN. Martin is a health educator at Klondike Mountain Health Retreat

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Now that you have had your interest and knowledge level about excitotoxins increased, take your understanding to the next level by watching the next video. Also presented by Martin Klein, RN, BSN.

You will see how the application of this information makes pieces fall together! This video can make such a difference to your health you won't want to pass it by.

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