Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy - Online Video

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a powerful adjunct to a medical treatment plan for disease or symptom relief. It is a systemic therapy which optimizes oxygenation and circulation.

HBOT is possible through two mechanisms. One is increased pressure which leads to the second mechanism, increased oxygenation.

Oxygen makes up 21% percent of the air we breathe. Oxygen is released by plants with an estimated 70-80% of oxygen coming from plants in the oceans.

While we currently have about 1 atmosphere of pressure pressing on us, the fossil record shows that in the past our earth had a higher atmospheric pressure 1,2.

In the video below, Martin Klein, RN educator at Klondike Mountain Health Retreat, presents a short, 6 and a half minute, lecture explaining some of the amazing effects of HBOT.

Increased pressure and oxygenation can help maintain and restore health from certain degenerative and disease conditions.

Hemoglobin, our body’s oxygen transport medium, is usually over 95% saturated with oxygen. But, exposure to pressure levels above normal atmospheric pressure, causes oxygen to dissolve into the plasma of our blood as well. This allows much higher levels of oxygen to be available to the body tissues. A higher oxygen level does several beneficial things. It reduces inflammation which in turn reduces pain, a response to inflammation. It even has been shown to increase stem cell release.3 Stem cells are used for repair of body tissues and the formation of new blood cells.

Dr. Neubauer MD, states in a research article published in the proceedings of the Fourteenth International Congress on Hyperbaric Medicine, "The effects of hyperbaric oxygenation on the brain are that it reduces cerebral edema, deactivates platelets, reduces lactate peaks and toxic amines, restores the integrity to the blood brain barrier and cell membrane, enhances the delivery of oxygen to DNA and mitochondria, neutralizes free radicals and delivers oxygen to the cells for immediate metabolic use without energy exchange even in the absence of circulation."4

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