Jane Gets Treated With Medication Side Effects

Jane a 45 year old executive secretary notices her ankles are swelling in the evenings. She goes to the Doctor. Her Doctor runs some blood tests and tells her, "Everything looks fine except your blood pressure is too high". Because High Blood Pressure is a killer, he prescribes a common drug for her blood pressure. The good news is that the pill he gives her will also reduce her ankle swelling. He tells her, “This pill may make your potassium levels drop too low. You will need to take a potassium supplement to prevent this.” He then tells her she may be able to get off these pills if she loses a few pounds and stops using salt.

Several days later, Jane steps onto the bathroom scale. Her weight is down 3 pounds. Her ankles are small again. Jane is pleased. She didn’t have to change a thing! Two little pills in the morning did the trick.

Unfortunately, the story is just beginning!

The next day Jane notices her stomach burns when she takes the Potassium pill. No problem, Jane fixes this problem herself.

She starts taking over-the-counter antacids. After a few weeks she notices her stomach hurts all the time. The antacids work only about an hour. She starts taking antacids every hour or so and books a visit to her Doctor.

Meanwhile, she has a tremendous attack of pain in her back. It is so severe she goes to the emergency room. The Doctors tell her, "You have kidney stones." They suspect that her excessive use of antacids may have caused the problem. They schedule her for a procedure to remove the stones. But... the logical answer to the severe pain?

A narcotic. This causes severe constipation.

The Doctor prescribes a bowel stimulant.

Sitting in the hospital bed anxiously waiting for the bowel stimulant to work, Jane notices her left big toe is swollen and very sore. A blood test confirms that she has a nasty disease called gout.

Another drug is started to take care of her gout. She is warned that the drug may initially worsen the problem, but it should help in the long run.

At this point Jane SHOULD begin to wonder... where will all this end. She still doesn't know why her stomach has been aching so bad… Certainly there will be a pill to help that problem!

Unfortunately, along with millions of other Americans, pleased with the excellent care they are receiving, Jane may never suspect that these problems were caused by the medications she took for another symptom. She is at the mercy of some astute Doctor to say, "Listen, just as soon as we fix your kidney stones you are going to need to start over by making some lifestyle changes. If you don't we will meet again in this hospital."
Furthermore, if Jane had known to apply some natural health cures when she was first diagnosed with High Blood Pressure all of this would have been avoided.

Initially, natural health cures and treatments are more effort than taking a pill. But the benefits... money saved, and medication side effects prevented are incalculable.

Just for fun, let's look at the happier version of this story.

Jane notices her ankles are swelling in the evenings. She goes to the Doctor. Her Doctor runs some blood tests and tells her, "Everything looks fine except your blood pressure is too high". He tells her that she needs to do some extensive lifestyle changes to reduce her blood pressure. Those changes include cutting back on salt and losing a few pounds. He tells her that he wants her to come back in two weeks so he can evaluate how she is doing with his recommendations. If she doesn't show improvement she will have to start medications.

Jane leaves the office somewhat overwhelmed. Lose weight? Cut back on salt? Jane gets on the internet. She finds the Klondike Mountain Health Retreat web page on How To Treat High Blood Pressure- Naturally!

With only two weeks to make a change Jane decides to do two of the natural cures discussed in the free education. She returns to the Doctors office two weeks later.

She has lost 4 pounds! Her blood pressure has improved but is still borderline high. Her Doctor is pleased with her progress but insists that the blood pressure needs to be still lower. She schedules another visit for one month later.

Jane gets back on the Internet and re-reads, How To Treat High Blood Pressure- Naturally! She applies two more of the natural cures. A week later she notices that her feet are no longer swelling.

Jane is delighted, but struggling with some of the natural health cures. How does she cook whole foods so they taste good and retain their healing properties? She needs more variety. Her husband is refusing to eat her food.

She contacts Klondike Mountain Health Retreat and registers herself, and her husband, for a 18 day session.

While at Klondike Mountain Health Retreat , she gets a much needed break from her high pressure life. The setting is beautiful. The staff is friendly and helpful. The cooking classes are just what she needed. She leaves with menus, and recipes both she and her husband have tested and love. Her blood pressure is now in the low normal range. She has lost another 4 pounds. She has more energy than she has had in years.

Don't miss the fact that she is drug free!

The best part of this story is that Jane has incorporated natural health cures into her everyday life. This PREVENTS many other diseases from occurring. What a great success story!

These two stories emphasize a valuable principle:
Health is not given to you by your Doctor, a pill, a procedure or a health system. Health improvement is largely a personal decision, based on knowledgeable application of health cures and treatments.

Your health is a powerful thing to gain... A devastation to lose.

Your health is a powerful thing to gain... A devastation to lose.

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