Scripture Gem
He Hears The Afflicted

“For he hath not despised nor abhorred
the affliction of the afflicted;
neither hath he hid his face from him;
but when he cried unto him,
he heard.” Psalms 22:24 KJV

What Does This Mean?

Plain and simple, God hears. Scripture tells us that He does not despise or abhor you when you are in trouble. He doesn’t even look the other way. He feels kindly toward you. God stops for you!

This is powerful information! Think about it. Have there been times in your life when you had a problem or “affliction” of some sort? How did the majority of the people around you respond? Did they ignore you? Did they reach out and help you? Did they take the time to hear you through, completely? If yes, you are a truly blessed person. If no, you are not alone.

Look Deeper

When was the last time you saw someone in need? Was it the person ahead of you in the grocery store, trying to find their check card while their kids were screaming and banging their cart. Was it a person telling you they can’t afford something they need. Was it an elderly man telling you the woes of his physical condition. What did you do? Did you feel kindly toward them. Were you willing to involve yourself to help?

Let’s be honest with ourselves, often we push away people with problems. It is too much effort. What could we do anyway? We may fear that if we try to help, they may push us away. Even worse we fear they will become clingy and never go away. We may think that they are in that condition because of their own choices. It seems to be our human nature, to push away people with problems.

But despite our human nature, the Scripture tells us some astonishingly good news. God's nature is different. In times of our greatest need, God is there for us. His face never turns from us. He never gets sick and tired of us. He never leaves us. He always holds out His hand to help us. He simply isn’t concerned about endangering His reputation, His pride, His assets, His time by getting involved with you and me.

Apply It

Please join me today in calling upon our loving God. His face is turned toward us. He hears.


Dear Heavenly Father, today I recognized that there are times when I have pushed away others in need. But you have never turned away from me, even in times of my greatest need. You care for me! Even when others turn away, you remain. Because of this, I ask you to come into my life. Please pick up the pieces and renew my life in You. Thank you for your Love toward me and pray that you will help me to reach out to others by following your example.

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