Signs and Symptoms of High Blood Pressure

Signs and symptoms of high blood pressure may include the following:

Physical Symptoms
-Frequent bloody noses
-Visual disturbances

Other Symptoms
-A feeling of anxiousness
-Pounding sensation in your chest or ears

But the most important thing to realize is that high blood pressure USUALLY has no symptoms at all!

Most people don't know they have high blood pressure until they are told by their Doctor or happen to do a random screen at a fair or grocery store. If you are having symptoms, it may be because the high blood pressure is beginning to do damage.

What Is Blood Pressure?

Blood pressure is a measurement of how much effort your heart has to use to push your blood through your arteries. Arteries are the blood carrying pipes, coming from your heart to your body.

A good blood pressure is about 110/60 mmHg. The higher the blood pressure the harder your heart works. The higher the lower number (known as diastolic) the less your heart rests. Now this may not seem like a big deal. Your heart is made to be very strong. It is also made to be able to work hard one minute and not so hard the next minute. The problem comes when your heart works hard all the time, even when you are resting.

You see your heart is a muscle. The beauty of muscle is that if it is used, it enlarges. We appreciate the look of well-exercised muscles.

used muscles enlarge
But when it comes to your heart… bigger is not necessarily better. Well bigger is good to a point. Obviously, you don’t want a flabby, soft heart. You want a strong, athletic heart. But what happens with high blood pressure is that your heart gets so much exercise that it gets too big. The muscle actually gets so big that it interferes with its ability to pump blood effectively. THAT’S BAD!

There are a number of things that can cause your heart to work extra hard to circulate your blood. We will simplify the causes of high blood pressure by dividing the causes into four categories:

One- Sticky, thick, sluggish Blood
Sounds pretty grim doesn’t it! Your Doctor may use more eloquent terms but you get the picture.

Two- Increased resistance in your arteries
In other words your arteries narrow at some point in your body so your heart has to push harder to deliver blood.

Three- Chemicals that can cause high blood pressure

Four- Physical Conditions that increase the hearts work load. This article is coming soon. Keep checking back.

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