Improve Your Health
With A Spiritual Retreat

Klondike Mountain Health Retreat is much more than just a health retreat. We are also a spiritual retreat. Health and spirituality are so interconnected that a retreat that doesn't address spirituality isn't adequately addressing your health... and vice versa.

At Klondike Mountain Health Retreat, every morning and evening, a brief time is spent focusing on Scripture Gems. These Gems direct our thoughts and actions for the day. They replace and push out other negative thought patterns, enabling us to form a fresh new outlook on life. The different topics encourage, challenge, instruct and comfort us. But you don't have to come to Klondike Mountain Health Retreat to start enjoying Gems! We included some of our favorites below.

Some Trust In Horses
He Hears The Afflicted

Be sure to check out our page on the Steps to Spiritual Renewal.

But like mentioned above not only does spirituality affect your health... your health affects your spirituality! For example, when a man gets Alzheimer's eventually the fact that his wife loves him and wants to help him is not understood because his brain neurons are not working right.

While that is an extreme case the principle is that spirituality is rooted in the relationship we develop with God. Therefore, we should want to do anything we can do to help think and reason clearly to improve that relationship.

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