Stop High Blood Pressure- Naturally

Natural treatment for high blood pressure can be best applied when you, the person with the disease, understands the nature of the disease and the purpose of the remedy. This website is your resource for both.

You have probably heard that blood pressure medication can have bad side effects. This is absolutely true. On the other hand untreated high blood pressure also has devastating side effects. Be sure to read this article about the symptoms and problems caused by both high blood pressure medication and high blood pressure.

Then be sure to take the time to educate yourself as to the causes of high blood pressure.

Click this link to start an article on the causes of high blood blood pressure

This will give you the basis to help you to understand the natural remedies which can reverse your high blood pressure problem.

1. Increase your water intake to 8-10 glasses of water per day.
Now a word of caution! If you have kidney failure and are on dialysis this is obviously not something you should do. But if you have functioning kidneys this amount of water will be appreciated by your body and will help prevent you from having kidney problems in the future. If you don’t know if you have functioning kidneys be sure to check with your Doctor and ask if he or she knows of any reason why you can not drink 8 glasses of fluid per day. In most cases this is perfectly fine. When you give your body adequate water you are helping your blood to not be thick, sticky and sluggish.

Another benefit of this natural high blood pressure treatment is that you are using water as a diuretic. In other words, by giving your body adequate water you are forcing your body to eliminate sodium. Sodium is a chemical known to cause high blood pressure in many people. A rule of your body is that when your kidneys need to get rid of water, sodium must go with it. By doing this you are jump starting the third remedy.

2. Reduce your sodium intake to not more than one teaspoon of salt per day. This does not mean that you just don’t add salt to your food. No it is more than that. If that is your plan you will be sure to fail. No one wants to eat food that tastes bad. That is why reducing salt takes an education. You must learn where sodium is hidden. This is not an especially hard remedy but it does take some determination. The amazing thing about initiating this remedy is that it can reduce your blood pressure in only days. However, learning to eat this way and still enjoy your food can take months!

The only way you will succeed is to reset or change what your taste buds think is salty. The blessing of your health is worth it!!!

Click here to read an article that will give you lots of ideas on how to cut back on salt.

Keep in mind the only way you will succeed is to reset or change what your taste buds think is salty. The blessing of your health is worth it!!!

3. Exercise is a must. Begin to increase your exercise by walking at least three days per week. If you are a sedentary person you will want to start slow. You may only be able to walk five minutes at first but you should gradually increase to where you exercise 45 minutes three to five times per week. The benefits of this inexpensive remedy are three fold. First-exercise reduces stress which can increase blood pressure, Second- exercise helps move circulation and prevent your system from becoming sluggish, Third-exercise opens up the bodies circulation not only in the big vessels but it opens up small vessels enabling the blood cells easier access. And Fourth exercise burns calories, boosts our metabolism and builds muscles which use more calories than fat which leads us to the next remedy…

4. Adopt a diet that is both satisfying and health promoting.

An ideal diet for someone trying to reduce blood pressure is the Biblical Daniel Diet One of the main benefits of this diet is to help take and keep off extra pounds. If you are not overweight we are not advocating that you lose weight but as we discussed in the chemicals known to cause high blood pressure.

If you find you have been taking any of these chemicals you may have found the cause for your high blood pressure. It is definitely worth avoiding those chemicals to reverse high blood pressure. So that is it. Nothing to sell, no pills, potions, herbs, or teas to dose yourself with while you pay year after year. But the most exciting part is it is you don’t have to worry about the side effects of a devastating disease and even better you can avoid taking pills for the rest of your life.

But now what you must do is to monitor your blood pressure to see if you are one of the 90% who can get rid of high blood pressure by doing the above natural lifestyle remedies. You should check your blood pressure at least every week. Some people like to do it more often and that is fine too. Keep a written record. Take your pressure on the same arm every time. There are many places you can have your blood pressure reliably checked. Pharmacies and grocery stores often have blood pressure machines. Be sure you read the directions and if the cuff is too big or to small for you, you will need to have it checked by someone who has equipment specifically sized for you. Most clinics are happy to have you just stop in for a quick check by the nurse with out charge.

Remember that a good blood pressure is any where from 110/60 to 120/70. A good pulse rate at rest is 60-70 beats per minute.

Athletes with strong hearts can have heart rates as low as 40-50 beats per minute. If you are not an athelete and your pulse is that low you may be on a medication that is slowing your heart too much.

If you want to check your blood pressure at home there are many reliable options to help you do this. Check back soon for a link that will tell you how to check your blood pressure at home.

Does this all seem a little overwhelming?

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