This page is retired and no longer being updated. But because we had such a great time doing cooking school from 2010 until the end of 2013- and really quite honestly miss them- we left parts of this page up to remember all the fun times we had with the people who came to and helped with this class!

That said, we are really excited to announce a new community program. THE HEALTH BOOST!

The Health Boost has been a real great program in that we have a lot more room for more people! We are having it in the fellowship hall of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and our first program had about 50 people! Wow- we never would have fit in out kitchen at Klondike Mountain Health Retreat. That would have been WAY to cozy!

So click this link to find out more information about the Health Boost. It is encouragement for the journey!

For those who love food and health!

May 6, 2013 at 12 noon.
The topic was Ancient Grains. We used delicious and nutritious under utilized grains such as amaranth, quinoa, millet and teff.

So here are a few reports and pictures from past cooking schools.

Culinary Mushrooms, Garlic & Onions July 2011
Thanks to our local Mountain Mushroom Farm we feasted on delicious and healthy Shitake Mushrooms! We also enjoyed several other Canadian grown mushrooms available right here local at Anderson's Grocery!

Home Hydrotherapy and Massage July 2011
Nicole Haywood LMT lead us in a educational adventure where we were able to have hands on experience in learning how to treat ourselves and our family to better health. We had a great time and really appreciated the time Nicole gave us from her busy schedule!

Greek Cuisine August 2011
Dolmades (stuffed grape leaves), spanakopita, orzo, kebabs
What more can be said than a list of all those foods! It was a delicious adventure designed and carried out by Margie!

Tubers and Roots September 2011
Well the title might sound boring but our students said this one was one of their favorite classes yet! Potato boats and oven baked tubers were just a few of the simple and hearty dishes that we enjoyed.

Green Drinks, Smoothies and Splendid Squash October 2011
Well, probably the most surprising recipe in this class was the Raw Butternut Salad. It was absolutely scrumptious. Who would have guessed that! But the seven different smoothies, green drinks, red drinks and even a bright orange drink really got us energized! Kale and Mizuna never tasted better!


Our interactive, hands on classes are "the best cooking school I've ever been too!" according to our attendees.

July 2010
Japanese Cuisine was a huge success!

Mariko Kinjo and her daughters, led this cooking adventure. What I didn't know and learned at the class is that Dr. Kinjo ND, who gave us a fantastic health lecture afterward, is an Okinawan, Japanese. So we got some extra tips from one of the longest living people groups on earth today.

One lady, after class was over, told me that she had not checked to see what the topic was before signing up this month. If she had checked, she said, she would not have come. From her past experiences with sushi, she had a real dislike for it- or so she thought! After she had made it, she was absolutely shocked to find out that this sushi was really good. She was glad she came and so were we. Pictured above, Mariko and her lovely daughter Irean with some delicious sushi made with out excitotoxins- WOW!